Jonas Rylund Glesaaen

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Swansea University

Postdoctoral researcher

2016-10-01 — Present

Implementation of various algorithms into the openQCD code base; study of the complex Langevin algorithm and its behaviour in relation to the sign problem; study of baryons at deconfinement, and past-deconfinement temperatures; application of various techniques from machine learning to the problem of spectral reconstruction


Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitët

2013-08-01 — 2016-07-31
Lattice QCD, Ph.D.

Phase diagram of QCD, lattice QCD, analytic methods, cold and dense, heavy QCD, hopping parameter expansion, strong coupling expansion, graph theory.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

2008-08-01 — 2013-05-31
Particle physics, Master of Science (Graduate of excellence)

Phase diagram of QCD, effective models, quark extended linear sigma model, the renormalisation group.


Heavy Quark QCD at Finite Temperature and Density Using an Effective Theory

Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Owe Philipsen, and Prof. Dr. Dirk-Hermann Rischke

In this work I used an effective theory approach to study the cold and dense limit of heavy QCD from first principles. I developed both computational and graphical tools and methods for carrying out the necessary mathematics to high order. Much of the work is also dedicated to the methods of resummation and their advantages.

The Chiral Phase Transition in QCD: Mean-Field Versus the Functional Renormalisation Group

Supervisor(s): Prof. Jens Oluf Andersen

For my masters work I made use of low energy effective theories, more specifically the quark extended linear sigma model, to analyse the properties of the breaking of chiral symmetry in QCD, and the emerging phase diagram. Also made use of the functional renormalisation group to extract the correct low energy properties of the quantum field theory.


Complex Langevin Simulation of a Random Matrix Model at Nonzero Chemical Potential

Published by Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP)
Co-authors: J. Bloch, J. J. M. Verbaarschot, and S. Zafeiropoulos

Equation of state for cold and dense heavy QCD

Published by Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP)
Co-authors: M. Neuman, and O. Philipsen



Experienced in OO programming, Template Meta Programming, MPI, the C++14 standard, boost, GSL, and other scientific libraries


Mathematica, JavaScript, Python (tensorflow), and VBA


LaTeX, HTML, CSS, and Jekyll



Native speaker


Excellent (IELTS 8.5)




Teaching, Goethe Universitët

Introductory course to the C++ programming language


Taught a full week intensive course on the C++ programming language, which is a prerequisite for the students who wish to attend the numerical physics course taught by Prof. Lindenstruth

Quantum field theory II

SS15 , Jun Prof. Dr. Marc Wagner

Statistical physics

WS14 , Prof. Dr. Owe Philipsen

Introductory Quantum Mechanics

SS14 , Prof. Dr. Owe Philipsen

Programming for Physicists

WS13 , Jun Prof. Dr. Marc Wagner

Teaching, NTNU

Statistical Physics

autumn 2012 , Prof. Kåre Olaussen

Computational Physics

spring 2012 , Prof. Alex Hansen

Created and published solutions to the homework and lectured once a week.

Quantum Mechanics II

autumn 2011, autumn 2012 , Prof. Jan Myrheim



Service desk administrator

summer 2011, summer 2012, winter 2012 , PGS, Oslo, Norway

Management and administration of user databases, PC repair, general support tasks.

Internship, material science

summer 2010 , National Institute of Material Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan

Carried our x-ray diffraction laboratory work on thin film materials sputtered with ytterbium crystals. Held and took courses on various material science related subjects. Observed synchrotron experiments at the KEK Photon Factory synchrotron.