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Converting jekyll themes

  • 3 min read

I took a break form web development after my last spout of website creations and haven’t really touched it since. However, recently a co-worker asked me for help hooking him up with a website for his a cappella group, and as I am incapable of saying no, I thought, why not?

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openQCD-FASTSUM v1.0 released

  • 11 min read

After having worked on extending openQCD to fit the needs of my collaboration (FASTSUM) for almost a year and a half, I am finally able to release it to the public with reasonable confidence that it works.

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Website inauguration

  • 1 min read

Hello to whomever might read this. This is (as is probably all too apparent) the first post on my brand new homepage. This basically spurred out of the creation of a separate web page of a separate project as I discovered how much fun making these things actually are. Most important is probably the fact that I came across this wonderful Jekyll theme, but didn’t have anything to apply it to.

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