Website inauguration

Hello to whomever might read this. This is (as is probably all too apparent) the first post on my brand new homepage. This basically spurred out of the creation of a separate web page of a separate project as I discovered how much fun making these things actually are. Most important is probably the fact that I came across this wonderful Jekyll theme, but didn’t have anything to apply it to.

I am still not sure what I will put here, but for the time being I plan to use it for three things

  1. As a personal blog where I ramble about random things that interest me. This is partially because I need writing practice, and partially because writing things down is a great way to think things through.

  2. As a collection of tips, tricks, and a general outlet for technical- and programming related posts; such as vim configurations, C++ template metaprogramming and tikz figures, or whatever else has blown my mind at the time.

  3. As a personal portfolio. In these modern Internet times it seems to be important to have a website showcasing ones work. Therefore I plan to keep an up to date CV here, as well as references to projects I feel are worth showing off.

So here is to this turning into something that is hopefully interesting to someone, somewhere, and not just one of those rapidly abandoned projects.